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Where is the event hosted?

The IgNITE Medical Case Competition is held annually at the University of Ottawa’s Medical School Campus, Roger Guindon Hall. However, due to the current COVID 19 restrictions, we are running the event online.

Who can enter the competition?

IgNITE is open to all French and English speaking high school and university students interested in medical research. NO prior research experience is required. Students will be provided a case package outlining research techniques and approaches for the theme of this year's competition, and each team will be paired with an experienced mentor to help them throughout the competition.

Can I compete in French?

Yes! Students are encouraged to submit all competition resources and present them in either French or English.

Can I compete on my own or with a team?

We encourage team participation in order to lessen the workload and increase the number of new perspectives. However, individual participation is welcomed. Teams up to four members are allowed. If you are looking for teammates, we invite you to fill out our official teammate paring form to find potential students to pair up with.

What does the competition entail? 

The IgNITE Medical Case Competition involves proposing a research project to solve an issue within this year’s competition theme. This includes writing an abstract, making an elevator pitch video, creating a research poster, and presenting the poster to a panel of esteemed judges. The student will be provided the case package and the theme of the competition roughly three months prior to the competition date and given set deadlines for abstract and poster submission.

Who are the judges?

The IgNITE judges will be University professors and researchers, in addition to industry professionals. There will be both French and English speaking judges.

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