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Register for the 2022/23 Competition TODAY!

Congratulations to our 2021/22 Top 40 teams!

Meet our Top 3 competitors and their Mentors

2021/22 Case Competition

Over 700 students, making up 250 teams from over 70 institutions across the world competed in the first annual IgNITE 2021/22 Competition!

2021/22 Timeline


13 September - 13 October 2021

Round 2

1 February - 15 March 2022

Registration to join the IgNITE Medical Case Competition will be officially open

Top 40 teams will create and submit poster presentations of their proposals

** All dates are tentative and can be changed by the Organizational Committee.

Round 1

18 October - 30 November 2021

Conference Day

26 March 2022, Saturday

Students will receive the case package and be paired with a mentor. Students will develop and submit their research proposals. The submission will include an abstract and elevator pitch video

Virtual conference day.  Research poster presentations, keynote speakers, and other networking opportunities

2021/22 Theme & Techniques

LinkedIn Theme-4.png

Lab Techniques:

Petri Dish

2021/22 Prizes

Stay tuned for the reveal of other competition Prizes

Further Details

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