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Congratulations to our Top 3 teams of 2020/21!

1st Place

Science Class

Investigating COVID-19 induced myocarditis of down syndrome patients

Team Member: Yein Chung

Team Mentor: Laurel Schmanda

2nd Place

Female Scientist

The early detection of HIV using a Nef direct ELISA

Team Members: Alexandra Akman, Emma Dorfman

Team Mentor: Rana Abdelhalim

3rd Place

Organizing Test Tubes

Treatment of Chikungunya virus by suppressing viral replication using Withaferin-A

Team Members: Hamzah Iqbal, Michel Kadji, Hoda Osman, Arthik Sundralingam

Team Mentor: Aiman

CLUE: This little birdy               told us all the scoop about IgNITE’s NEW series, but which series is that?

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