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IgNITE is Hiring!

We want YOU on our team!

Application Period:

Summer 2022

(For the 2022 academic year)

Interviews will be held throughout August 2022

This is a great opportunity to be part of a Federal Non-Profit and join a global team of dedicated students! Not only will you build essential communication and leadership skills, you will build a diverse network of undergraduate, graduate, medical students, professors and industry professionals. 

Positions available

** Click on each application to read more about the specifics of the positions

Mentorship Program

IgNITE mentors guide competing groups through their preparation for the IgNITE Medical Case Competition. Each mentor will have 2-3 groups assigned to them. Mentors will provide input and facilitate understanding of the competition theme and techniques proposed in the IgNITE case package. They will prompt their groups to devise a research question, point their mentees to supporting resources for their proposal (e.g. search engines, databases), and guide the abstract and poster making process. Mentors play a key role in helping mentees stay motivated in the competition by setting concrete goals with them, addressing mentee concerns, and having regular check-ins.

**DEADLINE: 13 September 2022 @ 11:59pm EST**

Institutional Branches

Branch Director

Institution Specific

Varying  Positions

Branch Chair

Institution Specific

Many positions available

**DEADLINE: 9th August 2022 @ 11:59pm EST**


Institution Specific

Many positions available

Current Branches


*Dont see your school? Start a branch!

IgNITE Structural Organization

Together we make IgNITE happen!

IgNITE Board of Directors

IgNITE Co-Presidents

IgNITE Headquarters

Vice Presidents

IgNITE Institutional Branches

Branch Director & Chairs

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