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Check out our 2022/23 Top 40 Teams!


Case Competition

2022/23 Timeline


13 September - 11 October 2022

Registration to join the IgNITE Medical Case Competition will be officially open

Round 2

1 February - 15 March 2023

Top 40 teams will create and submit poster presentations of their proposals

** All dates are tentative and can be changed by the Organizational Committee.

Round 1

17 October - 21 November 2022

Conference Day

25 March 2023, Saturday

Students will receive the case package and be paired with a mentor. Students will develop and submit their research proposals. The submission will include an abstract and elevator pitch video

Virtual conference day.  Research poster presentations, keynote speakers, and other networking opportunities

2022/23 Theme & Techniques

Techniques to be announced! Check out our instagram for first peak :)

2022/23 Prizes

More to be announced! Check out our instagram for first peak :) Even bigger than last year!

Further Details


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competitor feedback
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Are you looking for teammates to compete in the competition?

IgNITE provides a way for YOU to connect to other students looking for team mates. Click the link below, fill in all your information, and get access to a sheet to see other students in the same position as you. 

*IgNITE does not promise any matching.

**It is up to each individual student to reach out and make a team. IgNITE will NOT do any pairing.

*** Please be respectful of any information shared on this system.

****Teams do NOT have to consist of students from the same location and/or same age.

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