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Team work makes the dream work

We invited another competitor group to share a bit about their journey so our IgNITE community can learn from her experiences and passions.

Without further-ado, please welcome Kate, Kristina, Nile and Frederik!

Kate Frost Kristina Nikolaou Nile Salam Frederik Roth

McGill University McGill University McGill University McGill University

B.Sc Biology M. Sc Pathology B.Sc Microbiology & B.Sc Microbiology &

Year 3 Year 1 Immunology Immunology

Year 3 Year 3

Why did you choose your project? Any advice for future competitors?

Our team has a strong background in immunology and our group interest in cancer development and progression lead us to choose a project that dealt with targeting a major process in the progression of cancer, angiogenesis

Ask your mentor questions! They’re there to help you and have valuable expertise that you can carry with you into future projects.

What is next for you?

Kate: Next year I’ll be completing the last year of my bachelor's at McGill, with a major in Biology and a minor in Environment. After that, I plan on applying to graduate school in a tropical marine biology program!

Kristina: As of now I'm currently working at the Lady Davis Institute in a research lab for cancer, but starting next year I'll be on board for starting my Master's in Pathology and working in a new lab!

Nile: Next year I’ll be wrapping up the last year of my bachelor's graduating in May 2023 Majoring in Microbiology & Immunology with a Minor in Biotechnology. I will then apply to master's programs in Biotechnology for the following year.

Frederik: I plan to complete my bachelor's at McGill in Winter 2023 with a major in Microbiology & Immunology. I then plan to travel in Europe and east Asia in Summer 2023 and apply to graduate school in an Immunology program.

Lastly, what are your career aspirations?

Kate: I’d love to work in conservation biology. I’m fascinated by coral reefs and want to help restore them so reefs can continue to thrive as one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on earth

Kristina: I'm still not fully sure about my exact career goal, but I'd love to continue working in research for a little while! Performing experiments to help in furthering our knowledge of diseases and possible treatments is just exhilarating.

Nile: I want to enter the business end of science within the biotechnology industry working with pharmaceutical and medical devices. I have been nurturing my hobby of robotics and programming for many years while focussing my studies on biological life sciences. Biotechnology allows me to enjoy both my hobby and studies in unison.

Frederik: I would like to become a professor in Immunology at a university, having my own research lab, teaching courses, and training students. I am particularly interested in research on innate immunity.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us! - IgNITE Community

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