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Our 2022/23 year has come to an end...stay tuned for the new year to start in the summer!


The IgNITE Medical Case Competition is an annual, bilingual poster presentation which has quickly become one of the most diverse and prestigious research competitions in North America, hosting students from across the world. IgNITE provides students that have never stepped foot in a lab the opportunity to develop and present novel research proposals to industry-leading professionals. In addition, we value professional relationships and provide our members with a platform to connect with industry-leading professionals that will help guide their scientific career! 

The official Launch of the 2022/23 Competition!

2020/21 Case Competition

Theme: Regenerative Medicine




Theme: CardioRespiratory

2021/22 Case Competition


Theme: Immunity

Alum of IgNITE Showcase

Through the Alum of IgNITE series we hope to showcase our amazing competitors, share their journeys and explore their passions. This is a great opportunity to not only learn from our past competitors but build a community where we all feel connected!

"IgNITE through the eyes of our 2021/22 Winner!" - By Yein Chung

First up:

Do you want to learn more about last year's competition WINNERS?

Watch our 2022/23 TOP 40 project videos here

New lab coats & beyond speaker video ft. Dr. Behrouz Moemeni, CEO of BeMo

IgNITE is ever growing to all parts of North America and we call on YOU to represent your school and bring IgNITE to your community!

Interested in promoting research opportunities to your community (or even participating yourself)? Then being an ambassador is the position for you! Your role as an ambassador includes engaging with prospective highschool and university students by representing IgNITE through promotional events and other marketing initiatives. As an ambassador, you play an integral role within our organization, allowing us to have a greater reach and grow our competition. We need YOU!

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